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5 Reasons Why You Need Micro Video As Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a well-known way to build a brand and reach your target audience. Video marketing is one form of content marketing that will help your business grow. But nowadays, the attention span of viewers is quite shorter than usual. That is why TikTok videos, Facebook and Instagram reels, and IGTV became content marketing hits. As of today, viewers prefer keeping your video short and good enough to knock it out of the park. This is where the micro video became handy.

In a nutshell, micro videos are just like regular videos but shorter. They can run 15 to 30 seconds, and this video content can be highly effective in delivering engaging video content to customers. These types of video content have the potential to be extremely useful in providing customers with engaging video content. In addition, micro videos make it possible for anyone to show off their artistic side in the form of a video. Because it provides both instant gratification and the chance to express oneself creatively, it has become a popular choice among the general public.

5 Reasons Why You Need Micro Video

Micro-video platforms have largely taken hold around the world because the English language no longer limits them. They feel at ease speaking their speech. Because of this, you’ll find that most micro-video services cater to videos in local languages. This is an excellent consumer subset to aim your marketing efforts towards.

This content marketing concept, however, remains beautiful. We’ve compiled 5 reasons why you need micro-video as your marketing strategy:

  1. It’s a simple approach to using video marketing.

Micro video content is quick and easy to produce, making it a fast and efficient way to create engaging content. You can use micro video content in various ways, such as on websites, email campaigns, Facebook or Instagram reels, Youtube, or on Tiktok. On top of that, large scripts or pricey programs are not required. Gaining experience will allow you to produce high-quality films in less time. Your old content can be repurposed as an infographic, animated images, or blogs, among other things. Because of this, micro-video content may be easily included in your marketing approach and will prove to be a significant asset.

The biggest asset of micro video is that you can create a series-like content and a collection of videos to tell a story or provide information. In order to have an excellent micro video that will reach and engage your target audience, you have to do it right. The percentage of internet users who have seen a video online has increased dramatically. In fact, 78% of individuals say they watch movies online at least once a week.

  • Attention spans may be fully exploited in micro-videos

As we have said above, creating a micro video is easy because of its length. However, the first 8 seconds of your video is very crucial and the most critical part. You have to make out of it, or else your effort will be for nothing. Micro videos can keep people coming back to your website for additional material by holding their interest. This shows your brand, not simply your video, has their attention.

  • Micro videos can help you reach new audiences and grow brand awareness.

Being market-friendly on all major platforms is a great way to expand your brand’s exposure and reach new audiences. Creating an engaging video or an informative one will help you attract new customers and get a higher engagement that may result in more followers who may not have seen or heard about your brand before. Many companies compete for consumers’ attention on the internet, so everything you can do to raise awareness of your brand is worthwhile. Sharing useful and engaging material may help build relationships with the audience and earn their loyalty.

  • Micro videos are mobile-friendly

According to Youtube, people love watching videos on their smartphones, and mobile consumption has been rising to 100% every year. That being said, it’s important that your video can go to many different smartphone users. You can reach your customers and brand followers on social and mobile platforms. Let’s face the fact that they are almost on their screen scrolling!

  • Micro Videos can help you stand out from the crowd.

Micro videos are not just your basic video. It is unique because of its length and the creativity you have to take on making them. These videos are perfect for sales development and social media. In like manner, they’re good at grabbing attention from consumers because they’re easy to consume and share. The social media platform’s algorithms will take note of these shares, which will benefit your brand’s page, your posts, and even your website, general online presence, and SEO rankings!

Final Takeaways

As a marketer, you should immediately begin using the huge potential of micro video. In today’s digital marketing landscape, micro videos are a must-have asset for any content repurposing plan. Commonly, they will recycle information created for one medium onto another, tailoring it to fit each specific format. If you’re looking to stand out from the competition and boost your online presence, consider incorporating micro-videos into the video-sharing platform of iConnectFX. This platform is great for starting your marketing strategy with micro video.