Popular Video Hosting Platforms

Battle of Popular Video Hosting Platforms — Why is it Great to Try Unpopular Ones?

Most of the time, being popular already means being a winner. However, there is always a battle between popular video hosting platforms, determining which will be on top. Each outstanding option boasts more advantages than flaws. So, it is hard to figure out just one winner, especially when each is user-friendly and can present high-quality videos.

Still, it is best to know more about the famous content-sharing platforms. If you like making videos and sharing them with people, it can be handy to know some relevant information to choose what is ideal for you. Today, we will try to compare YouTube, Periscope, Wistia, and Vimeo. At the same time, this blog will also cover why it is great to try an unpopular or new online video-sharing platform.

So, let’s take a closer look below, starting with YouTube.


YouTube is not just a popular video hosting platform. In fact, it is one of the biggest platforms and ranks second in terms of popularity, only out-ranked by Google. Plus, uploading and hosting videos here is mostly free. If you are a beginner, this is your chance to try many things without spending much.

Additionally, YouTube guarantees to host your videos smoothly across any type of electronic device. Even though this video hosting platform accommodates any kind of video, it is geared more particular to entertaining videos that can effectively draw viewers.

While this content-sharing platform seems perfect, it still comes with flaws. One of them is its third-party advertisements on videos. More often, they can be annoying to viewers. That said, you need to make your videos highly entertaining to be worth it despite short advertisement interruptions.


Periscope is best for offering live chat communication with viewers and unlimited recording time. Basically, this video hosting platform is ideal for streaming live content. The only catch is that it does not allow editing the content. So, careful preparation is a must.

Moreover, this video hosting platform is superb by being user-friendly and creating a smooth connection with people all around the world. As for viewers, they can enjoy clear videos that load quickly. On top of that, Periscope can host wide-ranging interests and varied content.


Specifically designed to host marketing videos, Wistia is ideal for marketing professionals that want to convert viewers to be customers. For that reason, it requires payment for the premium service. However, many can get started with the free version.

Besides hosting marketing content, it also offers relevant insight for future video marketing campaigns. In addition, this video hosting platform is integrated with popular marketing automation software. That’s why it proves that it is actually created for business-minded users.


Vimeo is dedicated to video creators who focus on making creative content. To be specific, it commonly hosts videos, music, documentaries, and other videos with artistic elements. At the same time, it also has a great reputation for being a more professional online video-sharing platform community for creators and viewers.

Moreover, Vimeo is a less saturated network that produces a superior player with more features and greater control. It provides a free basic version, so there’s nothing to worry about trying it. One known flaw of this video hosting platform is that it demands a prolific internet connection to work. Sadly, it means that it is not accessible to people in rural areas.

Why is it great to try an unpopular or new video hosting platform?

While it can be doubtful to try out a new and unpopular video hosting platform, there are still perks to trying one while also hosting on famous content-sharing platforms. After all, trying out something new doesn’t mean you need to leave behind the popular platforms. You can always host on both platforms, right?

Let’s start with the reason that it can reach different viewers that popular ones still haven’t reached. If you like to try out making different kinds of videos without risking losing viewers for experimenting, you can never go wrong with a new video-sharing platform. On top of that, it can also offer a higher cut of profit for views.

With a new video hosting platform, you can be more creative to your liking. It can help you impress more people in the long run. If that’s your goal, iConnectFX is the ideal option for you. Best of all, it can help you keep your video content hosting as low as possible.

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