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Live Streaming Tips: A Guide For A Better Broadcast

The rise of social media has improved our lives remarkably. We are far more advanced and equipped with modern discoveries. All of these tools cater to our advantage. Both benefit equally from what technology offers in the entertainment or business sector. Different social media platforms have injected a lot of features that make our lives easier. One of these is live streaming. Live streaming is a live, raw, and unedited video broadcast of an event over the internet. It is like a television that is transmitted on social media. We will list down all the live streaming tips that will help you have a better audience engagement. 

Live Streaming Tips: Do A Better Broadcast

People do live streams to promote their business, product, or cause. In contrast, others do it just for plain entertainment or personal vlog. But before jumping into the actual live stream mode, there are some live streaming tips for us to have a guide for a better broadcast

Make a plan for your live stream.

Just like any usual event or undertaking, we must plan everything. We must be ready so that we can avoid mistakes along the way. The goal is to be consistent. Many people can see everything that we put up online. If we don’t know what we aim for, nothing good comes from it. Nobody wants to get humiliated or called out for unintentional actions. That is why knowledge is power. We are confident to face the world if we are ready and equipped. Before executing an event or project, we must carefully sort out what we need. To simplify, we can start by answering the 5W question (who, what, where, when, and why).


Who is your target audience? Are they classified according to age groups? Or just the general audience suited for all ages? We must know our people to establish a properly intended voice according to their classification. 


What is your purpose for doing the live stream? Is it solely for entertainment? Or for your business? We must create a definition of our plan. When we know how to establish a clear explanation of what our matter is all about, then we can surely be on track. 


Where is your channel, and where would you want to set your live stream up? Knowing where to put everything in its respective places is very important. Choosing a platform to set up a live stream is crucial, for it can affect the audience’s reach. We must find a place where it is more exposed to people.


When do you plan to start your live stream? Is it tomorrow? or later at night? Timing is everything. There is also a certain timeframe to have better engagements. It will depend on what type of business we are venturing on. For example, game streamers. Game streamers have more likely improved the chances of viewers during midnight or early morning on weekends.


Why are you conducting your live stream? For what purpose? Everything must have a purpose to build the right focus or scope. We must know why it exists so that people can understand it better.

Conduct test runs

Technical difficulties and issues are inevitable. We can sometimes find ourselves struggling to operate our gadgets or being disconnected from the internet. Remember that live streaming is a real-time activity, and nothing is ever altered or filtered. When a sudden untoward incident happens on our device, that is when dead air comes. If we missed even a second of the live stream, people would get bored. If there are interconnectivity problems, we must be able to act quickly and provide a ready-made solution to errors.

Decide your platform

Choosing a platform is very important for conducting live streams. There are many social media networking channels to choose from, and it is up to our preference which works better for our business. For instance, if we have more followers on Instagram than on Facebook, we will likely conduct the live stream on Instagram for more viewers. 

Always consider your setup

A good setup is one of the live streaming tips that make our stream more effective. We must know how to set up the lighting. The lighting will serve as the mood setter and help viewers see our space more clearly. Besides lighting, we must also know how to set up our cameras and place them at a better angle or pov.

Provide backups

We need to provide backups to lessen the trouble of technical difficulties. If our main device isn’t working, we must have a backup gadget to be able to continue again. Backups are lifesavers for us not to mess up our live streams. 

Live Streaming Tips: Final Thoughts

These live streaming tips are the primary things we should consider before going live. We must carefully plan out everything and be ready for unexpected times. Knowing all of these tips will lead us to successful live streaming.