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New Video Sharing Platform: 4 Best Reasons to Try It

Undeniably, there is fear of trying out a new video sharing platform since popular platforms like YouTube have already garnered a massive audience. In terms of numbers, YouTube might have already had billions of videos searches each day. Hence, it is already great leverage to get started with popular video sharing platforms. However, it doesn’t mean that new video sharing platforms are inferior. After all, being at the top doesn’t mean it has no flaws. 

Moreover, creating videos on a new video sharing platform is a great way of promoting content to reach the audience who doesn’t watch videos on the popular video sharing platforms. For this reason alone, fear can be an excellent motivation. Wisely, the key way to stand out is to be unique and distinctive from competitors. Thus, it is worth exploring a new video sharing platform to create an impressive name and reputation. 

Wisely, most new video sharing platforms offer a relatively easy way to post videos since they still have a manageable number of users. As for help, they are more interactive. Let’s explore more of the other reasons why use a new video sharing platform below: 

1. Reach different customers.

To appreciate more the benefit of trying out a new video sharing platform, let’s take YouTube, for example. Even if YouTube has already garnered over 2 billion users, that leaves roughly 5 billion of the audience to target. In addition, YouTube is still far from conquering the world, with only more than 1/4 of the world’s population users. That being said, new video sharing platforms still have a chance to improve and succeed like YouTube. 

As mentioned above, popular video sharing platforms still have flaws that make people avoid them. For instance, some cybersecurity and IT professionals don’t use these platforms because they collect and utilize user data. On the flip side, other people like to pay to watch videos because they experience frustrations with regular interruptions because of ads. A pro tip is to research your prospective popular video sharing platform flaws and find a new one that has no issues regarding those. 

2. Try out more experiments.

It doesn’t mean that you will already ditch the popular ones by trying out a new video sharing platform. If you want faster promotion and a greater audience, it is wise to have both. Once again, being unique can be an ideal strategy to capture attention. However, trying out more experiments can be risky on popular new video sharing platforms as you have the chance to lose subscribers when they don’t like your experimental content. 

Luckily, you have nothing to lose in getting started with a new video sharing platform. In fact, you can learn more while decreasing the chance of paying the cost of failure. Therefore, you can be more innovative and learn faster with the results of your experiments. 

3. A new video sharing platform provides more profit for views. 

At some point, there are more cuts in profit with the popular video sharing platforms. That’s why it can be better also to try out new video sharing platforms in terms of revenue. In addition, these platforms also present distinctive ways of monetizing videos, giving more chances to provide more profit for each viewer. Besides that, they also challenge you to market your videos differently. 

4. Create different types of video content. 

Surely, having a lot of users, most popular video sharing platforms already have their priority types of videos that they provide better algorithms support. Luckily, new video sharing platforms offer better support for high-quality video content. Hence, you can try different types of content and impressive algorithm support. With that being said, these platforms have more potential to earn attention, especially for videos that don’t do well on popular video sharing platforms. 

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