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Top 5 Things to Live Stream About in 2022

Live streaming is a fun and advantageous way to widen your business or organization’s reach. To get started right, you need to get the help of a professional live streaming platform that can support you to achieve smooth performance live streaming. Apart from that, you also need to plan how to get viewers’ attention to reach your live stream. After all, you must always exert effort and don’t just assume that you can get viewers’ attention with anything.

If you want to live stream, it is part of your job to know how to entice and capture the audience’s attention. With that being said, you are in the right place. Here, you can know about the top things to live stream in 2022. There’s no doubt that you need to provide high-quality content if you want to achieve success in live streaming and engage enough viewers to create a community of your own.

Top 5 Things to Live Stream

Keep your audience and attract more by also live streaming these top and entertaining things to talk about:

1. Real-life stories

One topic that you will not stop talking about is real-life stories because you know what you are talking about. However, it doesn’t mean that you will already share everything about yourself or the people around you just to capture viewers’ attention. If you decide to share life stories in your video sharing content, it would be best to mix the funny and difficult moments — make it authentic and relatable. That way, you can effortlessly awaken the audience’s interest.

On the flip side, if you feel that real-life stories will not capture attention, try to share what you are passionate about. Also, you can try things that you wish to talk about in a live stream. Remember those moments and experiences because you might be able to talk about them in your future content for live streams.

2. Question of the day

Right before you live stream, you must prepare a question of the day. That way, you can encourage your viewers to communicate with you through comments. With the question of the day, it doesn’t necessarily need to be thought-provoking questions. It can be a simple question, yet there is nothing wrong with asking deeper questions. Some viewers like to watch a live streamer who is deep and can talk with sense. Anyway, you can try and experiment to see what topic can help you gain your target number of viewers.

3. Talk about the game you are playing

If you are a gamer and live streamer at the same time, talk about the game you are playing. Surely, you have limitless things to share. Plus, you can be comfortable with the topic. What can capture viewers’ attention is the tips or techniques they can use if they are also playing the same game as you do.

Undeniably, the authentic knowledge you share with the game you are playing can draw attention. At some point, you can also encourage your audience, who is not a gamer, to try out the game you are playing by just showing how enthusiastic you are with what you are saying.

If you successfully capture many people’s attention through live streaming, you need to keep going until you build your community. Therefore, you can even earn revenue.

4. Current events

Keeping up with the current events is useful in live streaming since they are relatable topics. In addition, they can also generate better engagements. However, you must remember that you will need to be extra careful if you have decided to talk about any traumatic or political topic about the world’s current events. You can do your research and show genuine interest in what you are talking about to receive attention.

5. Ask your audience about what they have been up to lately

As much as you want viewers to show interest in your live stream, you must also do the same thing with them. Show a genuine interest in your audience too! By that, you can keep your viewers connected to you greatly. Keep in mind that it would put better results if you show value to your viewers right from the start. Simple interaction with them can go a long way to your advantage.

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In live streaming, you must know what you are saying precisely. That way, it will be easier to keep talking with no hesitation. Hopefully, you can find inspiration from the top things to live stream about in 2022 above.

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