The Benefits of Using iConnectFX™

NON-REGISTERED USERS - People who are not Signed In can still benefit from using iConnectFX™.

REGISTERED USERS – People who may or may not be associated with a company or organization and have Signed Up with iConnectFX™.

VENDORS – People associated with Companies that sell goods.

CONTRACTORS – People associated with Companies that provide services.


Regardless of the country you live in or the type of device you use (mobile/desktop/smartphone), you can benefit from iConnectFX™.

Non-Registered users are completely anonymous in our system but still enjoy the benefits of our SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16, HIPAA, PCI compliant environment.

The following benefits apply to all users who are not signed in:
  • Search for Events to attend in-person or online, like Conferences & Expos, Educational Opportunities, Concerts, Family events and more.
  • Watch and enjoy Videos and Live Streams, and listen to the audio books and music you love.
  • Attend secure Webinars without downloading any additional software.


In addition to all the benefits provided to Non-Registered Users, Registered users get exclusive benefits and offers free of charge. All you have to do is Sign-Up and Sign-In!

Users that Sign-In have the peace of mind that our secure environment provides:
  • ISO/TR Bank level equivalent security
  • SAS70 Type II & SSAE 16 compliance
  • HIPAA & PCI compliance
The following benefits apply to all users who have registered and signed in:
  • The option to create In-Person and/or Online Events
    • Enterprise-class event management software
    • Configurable to meet specific business needs
    • Robust scalability meets the needs of small, medium, and large venues
    • Conferences & Expos
    • Training & Distance Learning
    • Concert & Sporting Events
    • Arts & Theater
    • Family & Amusement
    • The option to sell merchandise online for any event or classroom
    • Any Event that requires tickets or management of attendance capacity
  • Upload Videos and Live Stream free of charge
    • Allows you to broadcast to your audience in real-time
    • Enables you to be able to have subscribers
    • Increases your brand awareness
    • Increases the credibility of your brand
    • Effective way of generating content to share on social networks
    • Obtain feedback from your audience
    • Create and maintain your own, personalized channel free of charge
      • Get your products and services in front of as many people as possible
      • Give your audience more content
      • Add an extra source of acquiring traffic
      • Fosters a closer personal connection
      • Provides another source of revenue
      • Modernize the way you deliver your message
      • Helps keep your audience engaged
  • Host highly secure Webinars without downloading additional software free of charge
    • Host controls
      • Screen share
      • Attendee Mute Management
      • Set display format
      • Live or pre-recorded Webinars
      • The option to Record Webinars
    • The option to record your Webinar
      • Save recording to your Video Channel
    • The option to host classroom webinars with student participating white board
    • The option to have Quizzes & Tests
    • Breakout Rooms
    • Private and group chat


Advantages of selling on WorldERP® platforms like iConnectFX™ center on a ready customer base provided by our sites.

There is no extra marketing required to encourage customers to buy your product listed in our online marketplace.

The site allows the seller to easily upload and manage product offering and price through a custom interface in the WorldERP® Vendor Network.

Using the Vendor Network interface, the vendor can effortlessly: Upload and maintain catalog content, configure electronic communications, configure payment gateway integration, traffic generation, payment collection, invoicing, logistics and delivery, customer service and customer retention.

Advertise your business and make sales to people watching iConnectFX™ videos, attending events, and shopping for products online.

Vendor benefits include:
  • No cost to you unless a sale is made
  • Accelerated sales cycle while lowering the cost of sales
  • Find new customers who are looking for what you offer
  • Put catalogs and sales fliers in front of customers to boost sales
  • Handle purchase orders and credit card sales, send invoices, and receive payments
  • Know when you’ll get paid, and for what
  • Registration is 100% free and there is no monthly or annual membership
  • Uploading/managing Catalogs, Sales Fliers, and vendor portal access is 100% free


Contractors can get leads quickly at extremely low cost, in fact, if you don’t get a lead during a given month, your monthly fee is automatically waived!

Amount of leads. We can’t guarantee the number of leads you will get because we can’t control that. However, if you don’t get leads, your membership for that month will be waived.

Quality of our leads. We understand that a poor lead source only wastes your time (generating an estimate or proposal). While we cannot force a customer to provide actual business, we do provide you with lead scoring analysis so you have a better idea how reliable the customer is at turning quote requests into actual business (ROI).

We tell you about the opportunity. We send the customer’s request to you by email and text message (configurable). You call the customer and schedule the appointment. Your give the customer your best offer to seal the deal and get the job.

Contractor benefits include:
  • We connect you with homeowners and businesses who are looking for your services
  • Registration is 100% free
  • No membership cost for any month where you do not receive a lead
  • No fees if you get the business
  • There are no long-term commitments
  • Lead score analysis with every lead provides a better idea on how reliable the customer is at turning quote requests into actual business (ROI).
  • Put information and even sales fliers in front of customers to boost sales
  • Handle purchase orders and credit card sales, send invoices, and receive payments


  1. Increase Compliance Eliminate cost overruns. Easily monitor event activity and performance.
  2. Increase Staff Productivity Spend less time locating, researching, tracking, and managing events.
  3. Quick Implementation Up and running in as little as 24hrs. What more can we say?…saving and efficiency starts immediately!


Judge for yourself how fast and easy iConnectFX™ can streamline your Event Management process and guard against cost overruns with a personalized demo of our features. Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.


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