Content Sharing Platforms

Content Sharing: The Best Online Platforms

A Content Creator’s Haven: The Best Online Platforms for Content Sharing

Social media platforms is also known for content sharing platforms because it is where content creators share their content. If you are a new content creator, relying on your website to share blog posts and promotions is not the way to go. There are also countless online platforms all over the internet. Over 70 million blog posts are published monthly. It might discourage a new content creator. It is natural to be intimidated by those post counts.  We know exactly where to find the best sites for content-sharing that can give you the edge. 

Here are online sites for content sharing:


Medium is an American publishing platform founded by Evan Williams. The launch was on the 15th of August in 2012. You can republish your existing blog post while increasing the traffic of the full blog post to your website. Medium will also tell you the number of views in one of your stories. 


Reddit is a website full of news, web content ratings, and discussions. In 2020, there are 222 million active users in America alone. If you are eager to post your content, you need to do it in the right way. The people of Reddit called ‘Redditors’ are aware of content creators that are spamming their posts in a subreddit. You should consider this or your content may leave a long-lasting bad impression.

LinkedIn Articles

A LinkedIn article is a kind of content-sharing platform like a blog post. It has an integrated publishing platform. They have an existing network on LinkedIn. That’s why many users have built up a subscriber base for their articles. You can have an opportunity to extend your content’s reach here. A subscriber to your article will be notified once you create a new one.


If your content is a technology-related one, then this site is one of the best online platforms to share your content. Dzone is also a content-sharing platform with 2 million and more developers. It contains programming and development operations news. 


There is more than one way of utilizing Twitter for content-sharing. You can create a Twitter brand account and manage it according to your brand’s needs. If you have an article related to a brand that you are promoting, you can use this. 

Another way that you can use Twitter for content-sharing is by posting through a personal account. This is a good idea, especially if you have many followers already. For a more targeted approach, you can also consider Twitter chats. Use hashtags in your posts, but don’t spam your content so your audience will get annoyed.


Facebook is one of the most popular places for promotion. It offers a lot of features for everyone, even for content creators. You can start by creating your page. You can post your content here. Remember to gather many likes for your page. 

If you have an article also while promoting a brand, you can create a brand Facebook page. You can pay them too if you want your ads to reach more people. Facebook groups also exist. 

Create a Facebook group that relates to your content. You can post more often here. Remember to search for other Facebook groups with similar content. Sometimes, a group will have more members than yours. You can reach more audiences this way. is a site that allows you to publish your topic page within minutes. They also offer content curation software. It helps marketers find content within their industry. It is worth trying to post your content on this platform.

Business 2 Community 

Business 2 Community contains news, top trends, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Selling, Social Business, and More. There is a community on the website that works together to bring the content. Posting content here is worth the try if you are a content creator.

Becoming a successful content creator is not a fast process. Therefore, there will be more difficult times than easy ones. Fortunately, there are popular online platforms that are suitable for content-sharing. Search Engine Journal is here to bring information for every aspiring content creator. Remember to check our page for updates and more information for content creators.

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