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Vlog Ideas 2022: Top 20 Vlog Ideas Anyone Can Try!

Quality content is regularly on demand for people on the internet. Hence, before putting your vlogging ideas again this 2022 into reality, you must think carefully about the entire concept. You can accomplish this by asking yourself several questions: “What would my videos be about this time?” “How often will I release new episodes on my channel?” Why would people want to watch my videos?”. After you come up with the answers, it’ll be a breeze for you to create main video blogging ideas for your channel. Meanwhile, if you’re still having trouble picking topics for videos you’ll upload, we’ve compiled 20 vlog ideas 2022 to aid you in finding the one you like best. 

Vlog Ideas 2022: What To Do For Your Vlog in 2022

1. Introduce Yourself To Your Audience

Introducing yourself is a good way to start your vlog. Provide a glimpse of who you are and what you do to people who might stumble upon your channel. A channel trailer would be the best comparison for this type of video.

2. Let Your Audience Know Your reasons for vlogging

In case you have an interesting reason for creating a vlog, you could share it with your audience in the form of another video. Watching your story unfold may influence people to be part of your journey. 

3. Share Your Plans and Goals for the channel

Stating a clear plan for your channel can also attract an audience to your content. Letting people know what they are in for from you and your content and where your channel will be heading is a good way to set expectations. 

Content for General Vlogs

4. Make A Tutorial on How To Shoot Videos

One might think that making content for blogs is easy. There are many things to consider if you want to be good at filming videos: lens, sound, camera, lighting, and much more. Gear is crucial, no matter what video you’re vlogging about. Thus, you can make content telling your audience all about the process. 

5. Shoot a Video About Photo-editing tips. 

Editing videos is enjoyable for many people. You can create videos sharing the different techniques, tools, and programs to transform their pictures into anything they wish. Asking your viewers what technique they want to learn is a good way to engage with them while getting ideas for another video. 

6. Do A Review On The Latest Gadgets

Gadgets seem to be ingrained in every aspect of our lives these days. If you are knowledgeable about technology, you can create content about the latest gadgets, their characteristics, and other things. Conduct crash tests, compare performance, make gadget review videos, etc.

7. Make a Video about Music covers

Are you fond of singing? Do you know how to play any musical instrument? Song covers are a popular type of content since they are simple but can be a hit if executed correctly. Remember that good sound quality is important for this type of content, so you may want to invest in a good mic. Other than that, choose a song you like and do a beautiful cover. 

8. Record Gaming videos

One of the internet’s most popular types of content is gaming videos. You can create one by recording video game tutorials, live streaming games, or doing playthroughs. Also, you can make things funny and more interesting by mixing things up and when you play online with your friends. You can even record speedrun videos, discover secret areas, get easter eggs, gain achievements, and much more geeky stuff!

9. Unboxing Videos Make For Great Content

When you purchase things, they usually come in a box. Allow your viewers to see the process by unboxing your new stuff and see what products you’ve bought, what items can be paired with the main product, etc. 

10. Tell your audience about the best places to eat

If you like eating out, you can create food content! In particular, you can list cafes and restaurants you enjoy going to. Talk about the customer service you received, the interiors, and the menu of different places in your city or country. 

11. Make a Video Listing the Best Apps for Android and iOS

Do you have any favorite apps on your phone? If so, you can also make content out of them! Start by listing your favorite games and apps for Android and iOS. Then, talk about how you found them and why you like those apps. 

12. People Love House Decoration Videos

Many people enjoy decorating their houses. Thus, many viewers also like watching house decoration videos. You can capitalize on this by vlogging about creating a festive feeling for different occasions: Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and many others.

13. Share your Quick and Easy Daily Recipes in your Vlog

If you like cooking, making a list of easy-to-prepare but tasty and healthy everyday recipes is a good idea for content. This type of content attracts people interested in cooking but don’t have much time in their daily routine for it. 

14. Pet caring

If you have a pet, making a series of videos about taking care of them is another great vlog idea. You can create videos about common pet problems and how to resolve them. In addition, you can also make a list of dos and don’ts for pet owners.

15. Beauty vlog

Beauty topics are always among popular content for vlogs. Contrary to misconceptions in the past, beauty vlogs are no longer a niche exclusive to girls. Beauty is always among hot topics for vlogs. Instead, if you are passionate about the beauty industry, you can create vlogs about clothes, cosmetics, style, and other relevant topics. 

16. Fashion vlog

If you’re crazy about clothes, create a video blog about it! Show your audience what you have in your wardrobe. Tell about the items you like the most and how you combine those with the other part of your clothes collection.

17. Video-editing tips

Generally, numerous people perceive video editing as a complicated process. Since you already have some video editing skills under your belt, why not turn it into the subject of your content? You can help your viewers master some video editing software by creating a video series dedicated to video editing. For instance, one video can focus on applying filters and text, another can talk about cropping, and the next video can have color adjustment as its subject. 

Personal vlogs

18. Update Your Viewer-Base with Daily Vlogs

Daily vlogs are one of the most common types of vlog content. So, it is still included When you create daily vlogs, you share your daily routine with your viewers. You can diversify the content of your daily vlogs by doing several things. For example, you can do Q&As, tell them about challenges you’re experiencing, share your attitude towards food, sport, life in general, or anything you want to discuss. Remember to engage with your audience. You can ask their opinions on the topics you discussed in your videos. A cool intro is also a no-brainer to make your videos more recognizable. 

19. Provide Facts About You

It’s a great idea to begin your blogging career with a video that lets your viewers know a little more about you. The more they are familiar with you and your life, the more they’ll be interested in you.

20. Life goals

All of us want to achieve something. At the same time, we also want to relate to other people. Thus, sharing your goals may make you seem more relatable and captivating to more people. Sharing your goals is a good way to connect with your audience. 

Vlog Ideas 2022: Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of video ideas you can still try this 2022. You are more than likely to find something that clicks with you, as long as you are ready to try things out. Hopefully, the 20 vlog ideas 2022 will help you find inspiration to be creative. You can start by uploading content at https://iconnectfx.com. iConnectFX™ is the world’s first and only hyper-converged community engagement platform that combines the functionality of six separate applications into one seamless solution to maximize efficiencies, reduce support requirements, and increase automation & scalability, all while cutting costs.