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Content Sharing: Five Ideas to Make it Effective

Five Ideas for Effective Content Sharing Effective

What’s the point of having the best content when nobody shares it? Viral videos, memes, talked-about blogs, and other content have flooded the mainstream media. Content sharing is contagious, just like any other online material today. The internet is a lucrative business whether you think of it as a sideline or a full-time job. And hundreds of people and thousands of companies earn significant amounts of profits just only by their content. But how can you ensure that your content has got what it takes to hit the mainstream? To answer that, we’ve prepared some content sharing ideas that will help your brand grow.

These are some ideas of the ways to get content shared:

Install Social Media Sharing Buttons

The easiest way possible for people to share your content is by installing sharing buttons. People love one-click options, and they’re more likely to share them if it requires less effort than copying the whole URL. Colorful and attractive social media sharing buttons get many clicks as much as download buttons on any landing page. Size, shapes, colors, and placement play a big role in attracting visitors to share your content.

Talk About Trending Topics
Talk About Trending Topics

Who doesn’t want to talk about trending topics online? Everyone loves joining the bandwagon. There’s no problem at all when you struggle to create new content for your company. The internet offers a plethora of trends, fads, and information that are changing every now and then for an unlimited content pool. This gives you ideas on how you can revolve your content about what’s hot today. However, trends change dramatically, and that’s where platforms like Google Trends come in to do the searching for you. Conduct a fast search, and you’ll find trending topics on a specific day and see if it’s a possible content idea for your brand.

Inspire People

Inspiring contents encourage your site visitors to share them. May social sites like Pinterest and Instagram have countless accounts that focus on sharing inspirational quotes. As per the Harvard Business Review, inspirational quotes are popular for many factors. That includes the transformation of how people perceive their capabilities.

Now, the question is, how can you create inspirational content? Trigger people to feel inspired. It’s a natural process that occurs in humans. One strategy is by posting quotations from famous personalities. Search for quotes that will affect your audience’s current state, or you can venture out to inspire them with new ones.

Add Pleasing Visuals

Do you want effective ways to get content shared? Videos and images are important to boost your content sharing. Hubspot reported that thirty-three percent of the internet activity today goes to watching videos. BrainRules also stated that you are likely to remember sixty-five percent more of any information when you see an image with it. Videos and pictures are shareable content than text content. However, according to BuzzSumo, they have found that blogs with any kind of visuals placed on every seventy-five to one hundred words garner a double share. Luckily for businesses today, especially the small ones who can’t hire professional graphic editors, graphic editing becomes easier. With the help of such sites as Canva and Venngage for image creation and Wistia’s Soapbox for video editing, you get the chance to become a pro.

Give Useful Content

Netizens love having tips that offer a solution to their problems. For instance and one of the best examples of solving problems is by setting out the perfect recipe. 2020’s most-searched recipe is the Sourdough Bread. Imagine how many people and moms in the world searched for the perfect ingredients to make that delicious deli. And when you have solved their problem, they’re more likely to share it because it’s true; content sharing is caring.

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