E-learning: Its Advantages and The Power of Knowledge

The current situation of the world has forced most people to stay inside. Schools, libraries, and other learning facilities are also closed. Electronic learning or e-learning is a good learning alternative at home. You never have to worry about finding your learning resource.

Here are studies that have proven e-learning’s effectiveness:

  1. According to the ILX survey, 51% of HR decision-makers have positive feedback. The ongoing e-learning has boosted their employee’s morale, satisfaction, and even longevity. 
  1. A published study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that microlearning engages 50 percent of the participants. Microlearning also makes learning 17% more effective. Microlearning is a learning type that delivers a short amount of content.
  1. A study by Brandon Hall found that e-learning requires employees 40 to 60 percent less time than classroom training.
  1. The Research Institute of America says that the learning retention rate from face-to-face training improved from 8-10%.  And 25-60% for e-learning. There is a big difference between face-to-face and e-learning!
  1. In a CertifyMe.net survey, 72 percent of organizations said that online learning enhances their competitive edge.
  1. Research by IBM found that for a dollar invested in e-learning, $30 results in productivity. Meanwhile, the reason for this is because employees were able to resume work and apply new skills faster. It is also worth mentioning that it saved them a lot of time in the process.
  1. Amalgam Insights anticipated that the e-learning market would exceed $180 billion. The University of Florida Canvas expects the e-learning market to climb up to 325 billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, investing in e-learning, whether in the corporate or academic market, is worth considering!
  1. A 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report says that 94 percent of employees will stay with an employer that invests in their development. It is not surprising because modern employees are more eager to learn and upgrade their skills.
  1. TwentyEighty’s 7 Consumer Realities says that 91 percent of people depend on their smartphones for an answer. Almost no other method of learning today can match the convenience and accessibility of e-learning platforms

Why E-learning is Recommended to Modern Learners.

As time passes by, a lot of things change. Also, the needs of the people also change. That is the reason why the method of learning must adapt. You can’t afford to get left behind by sticking to outdated information.

E-learning is perfect for modern learners. Here are the five reasons why:

  1. It can save you time and money.

All you have to need is a laptop, a simple smartphone, and a decent internet connection. Traveling to school can be costly and dangerous. Sometimes, the teacher is late too. That’s more reason to consider new e-learning.

  1. It can improve your learning retention.

Modern learners would prefer to watch videos and listen to podcasts. That is to say, reading is less effective nowadays. E-learning platform is also an interactive tool that can engage the learners more.

  1. It is consistent and updated.

Usually, in a face-to-face class, there are different teachers for different subjects. The teaching style of each teacher is different and is not a good way for the students to keep all information. Also, some of the materials they use are outdated but online learning is standardized and consistent.

  1. It is scalable.

If you are an employer, you might want to consider this. A one-time investment is all you need to roll them out to your employees. If there are more learners, you can write off the expense faster.

  1. It offers you more personalization.

Imagine that you are a student late for a class for a valid reason. The teacher announced a quiz. You have 5 minutes to study. Wouldn’t that make you less motivated to learn? The good thing about e-learning is that you can learn lessons at your own pace.

E-learning is one of today’s best ways to learn, and it is not surprising. Methods for new e-learning are increasing. All this is the reason why e-learning is for the modern learner.