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iConnectFX Checklist: The Ultimate Guide to Event Planning

Nothing beats a well-planned event. However, organizing a successful one can be a challenge as there are various aspects you need to cover. Being unable to prepare the necessary things required can result in absolute horror. No wonder professional event planning is becoming popular nowadays.

This blossoming career positively contributes to an event or conference’s success and captures potential clients’ attention. And as the number of daily events increases, the competition among the event planners becomes tighter. To overcome competition and keep up with the event planning industry, creating an ultimate event planning checklist is necessary.

The Event Planning Checklist

According to event management experts, the further advance you start planning, the better. It is vital to begin the planning process at least 8-12 months before the D-day. This way, you’ll be as prepared as possible when any problems come up. So, get your pen and paper as you may need to write down this checklist:

Event Planning Checklist
Establish and create your event goals and objectives

Doing this will give you an idea of what to accomplish at a given time. This also includes selecting the theme that resonates with the event that will happen. Also, listing essential needs ahead of time will make it easier to gauge the event’s success. 

Prepare the budget. 

Budgeting is a vital aspect of event planning, so you have to be realistic when creating a budget for the event. It is ideal to do some cost estimates on the materials, food and beverages, speaker fees, location, equipment, and miscellaneous fees. Remember to prioritize the location, venue, and vendors — it will determine whether you need to add more or reduce some expenses.

Keep a list of staff or speakers that may come in handy. 

Doing extensive research for event management is also a requirement. This includes booking venues for choosing the best team and inviting the right speakers and people to the event. Make sure to list people who can bring a significant contribution to the event. 

Create a promotion process. 

Another part of event planning is promotion. Use all the best platforms to spread the word about the upcoming event. It is advisable to target potential candidates based on their age, gender, and profession. This promotion process is a great way to promote your event, and the tickets sold out faster.

Draft a schedule.

When it comes to event management and planning, having a draft of the event ready almost two months before the event date is also essential. You can upload this on software or platform where all your team can access. You can also send it to the attendees to give them an idea of what to expect at the event.

Don’t forget to remind the guests, speakers, and attendees.

To make it easier, you can engage the entire list of guests, attendees, and speakers through email and social media. Message them about last-minute updates and remind them of the reasons not to miss out on the events. Make sure to contact vendors and staff as well, and give a recap of their commitments.

You can create your own checklist if you wish to, and it will help you identify what tactics you will apply since you know the flow of event pretty well.

Event Planning and Management through iConnectFX

With proper knowledge and a concrete plan, event planning and management can also be an easy task. But, if you want to put your organization’s events online, iConnectFX is the one to call!

iConnectFX™ is for professional organizations who wish to engage their staff and members to assist them in their quest for learning, understanding, and professionalism. 

Our services are open to those who require trustworthy software to track events, improve, engage and enhance team spirit. We are also providing an easy place for customers to shop and pay for events, activities, merchandise, and more. By providing industry-leading tools and infrastructure, iConnectFX™ was created to develop an awareness of corporate and member’s only private events. We also support public events focused on improving skills and the balance of mind, body, and spirit.