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The Perfect Event Management Companion

Ever since, celebrating and remembering important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, commemoration, and many more have been a part of people’s lives. These types of gatherings are ways for people to socialize and to develop strong relationships with each other. Plus, a well-organized, planned, and executed event becomes enjoyable. A well-prepared occasion leaves a lasting impression on its attendees. That is why, event management is a must to every event planners.

Are you planning a program for a particular event? Are you also looking for someone or something that can help you layout your plans? iConnectFX, the perfect event management companion, is here for you. 

Knowing iConnectFX

iConnectFX is an advanced community engagement platform introduced by WorldERP. It is an application where people can interact with each other through technology. iConnectFX helps its customers to enumerate the needs for a particular event. It also assists in the planning process. Plus, it secures a well-organized event and gives ease of communication via virtual connections. So, whether at home or work, customers can attend their scheduled meetings without the need to travel between traffics. 

Event Management offered by iConnectFX

Nowadays, people are very talented at multitasking, whether they are in school or at work. Technology is the most prominent tool that everyone has in accomplishing their tasks and projects. Today, distance is not a problem anymore. With your gadget and a strong internet connection, having a memorable reunion or corporate conference between persons who are far away from each other could be possible, especially if you are working with iConnectFX, the perfect event management companion. 

Here are the event management services that iConnectFX offers for its’ potential customers:

• Virtual, Hybrid & In-Person Events

iConnectFX hosts virtual events like web meetings, seminars, webinars, webcasts, and web conferences. It is where people can share information without being together in the same location. iConnectFX also hosts hybrid meetings like a trade show, conference, seminar, workshop, and other meetings. 

• Web conferencing, Streaming & On-Demand

If you want something that is broadcast live on the internet simultaneously, Live Streaming is for you. But, if you want an online service where you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations, and training via the internet, Web conferencing is the right platform for you. With iConnectFX, viewers worldwide could easily connect and join these events wherever they are across the globe.

web conference streaming and on-demand

• Mobile Device Compliant

Mobile device compliant service determines how your devices interact with iConnectFX. This has something to do with compatibility and security. It is important to ensure the quality and efficiency of the meetings and services used, respectively. It also applies the terms and conditions for protection and policy agreements. 

• eLearning

Aside from meetings, eLearning or electronic learning uses iConnectFX too. Students and teachers could virtually interact like they are in a usual classroom set up. Students and teachers can also use, access, download eBooks, PDFs, documents, and other files/materials on this platform. 

Quizzes, Tests & Feedback

In connection with eLearning, teachers can make sets of quizzes, tests & feedback for their students directly from the browser. This is very advantageous for teachers, especially if they can’t distribute hard copies to their students. With just a click, students can have access to their quizzes and tests. Plus, you can see the results right away after filling or answering the testing materials. With iConnectFX, studying could never be this easy!

• Online Registration & Shopping

So, if you are into business, and you want to reach more people through technology, iConnectFX is the best platform for you. With their online registration and shopping service, entrepreneurs can give their valued cust0omers access to their products with different delivery options. iConnectFX can help entrepreneurs to have the marketing and shipping experience that they want. 

• Website Integration

iConnectFX is the web integrator, partner, and primary contact of the clients. iConnectFX is responsible for coordinating all the necessary activities in a project. They also ensure that the project will comply with the agreed specifications needed in the web project. iConnectFX connects all the outputs of activities and components essential for carrying out the web project as a whole.

• API Integration

iConnectFX also acts as an application programming interface (API). It is a messenger that processes requests and ensures seamless functioning of enterprise systems. iConnectFX enables interaction between data, applications, and devices. Moreover, it delivers data and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs. With API integration, a person’s business activated by an online application can show their Google Maps locations. It makes businesses easy to access and benefits consumers. 

• ISO/TR Bank-Level Equiv. Security

It provides a framework for standards dealing with security that is deemed necessary for the financial industry. It consists of an inventory of the key security issues which arise in the financial industry. For each of these issues, the titles of the relevant existing standards are given. – ISO/TR 17944:2002

Book your Planned Event with iConnectFX Now

If you are planning to create an event, we have an iConnectFX Checklist: The Ultimate Guide to Event Planning. You may use it as you guide in starting your own event.

So, do you want to organize your first-ever online event? Hesitate no more! For more details, visit https://iconnectfx.com/AttendeeEventSearch.aspx and work with iConnectFX, the perfect event management companion!