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Top 7 Tips to Become a Successful Webinar Host

There is no denying just how intense the impact the pandemic has created and is still creating. Everyone was forced to stay indoors. Waiting inside our homes was never a sustainable option in the first place, so we got creative in continuing with our lives. Just take the onslaught of webinar hosting as an example. Thankfully, forced staying at home did not deter us from learning or sharing knowledge about a specific field of expertise with other people. If anything, it only pushed us to seek more and share more. For instance, being a webinar host. 

Your ability to connect to your audience through a webinar lets you form lasting and trusting relationships with your attendees. But the latter can be too daunting because hosting your webinar goes beyond just your website, blog, and social media presence — this kind of pressure can quickly get to you once the thought that you dictate the flow and outcome of your webinar sinks in. Luckily, you are in the right place to learn how to be a more successful webinar host. 

Here are seven useful tips to be a successful webinar host:

1. Focus on your audio

Hello, Microphone test. All good? The sound is a crucial element in your webinar, if not the most important one. It would be best to not rely on your computer’s built-in microphones and instead use headset microphones. Doing so can ensure that your audience can clearly hear and understand your presentation. You may also:

Enlist a technical assistant. Once your webinar starts, it would be difficult for you to simultaneously be the host and attend to technical difficulties. Thus, it would be wise to have an assistant capable of handling issues if and when they occur. 

Or better yet, find yourself hosting your webinar in a sound-proofed room. Select a quiet place. Also, it would be preferable to use a landline as they are more reliable than a wireless internet connection in avoiding problems. 

2. Introduce yourself like you’re telling a story

Making an impression among your attendees can be difficult. After all, your introduction dictates whether you can grab and hold their attention throughout the webinar. So, if you were planning on reading a long bio from a slide, you can forget about that one and share your story instead. 

Additionally, starting it off uniquely will help establish an emotional connection between you and your attendees. Appealing to their very soul with a story that is brief yet filled with exciting elements and concluded with a strong ending will enable you to win them over, primarily their attention and interest.

3. Keep webinar hosting conversational

Chances are, you’ve heard of imagining your audience naked to prevent stage fright. But here’s another tip — one that will help you maintain a friendly tone throughout the webinar. Imagine talking with a close friend but several close friends simultaneously. This will impart a feeling of comfort and friendliness to your audience, but it will also help you personalize your webinar. 

Additionally, address them by using ‘you’ in your sentences. You’ll find that your audience is likely to be more engaged in your discussion. While you’re at it, throw in some funny comments here and there. After all, it is a webinar, not a court trial. 

4. Support your message with facts and real-life examples

People are always more receptive when the information they are given is based on real-life scenarios. Utilize this in your webinar and captivate your audience with success stories, eye-catching infographics, and research that will support your message. You can also explain why a particular strategy does not work using facts that your attendees will willingly remember even after the webinar. 

5. Engage your audience

The first ten minutes is the most crucial time in webinars. Additionally, the start is when you can capture your audience’s attention or not. If you manage to capture their attention initially and hold it, you can ensure everyone’s attention the whole time. 

Greatly, you can do so by limiting texts in slides and not overpowering your audience with too much information on the screen. Instead, you can add a twist to your webinar by giving challenges and tasks, showing them compelling videos, and asking open-ended questions.

6. Practice before the webinar

Practice makes perfect, they say. And it indeed does. Practicing can make your voice effective without the constant uttering of words. Removing these from your vocabulary will make you more confident and knowledgeable about the webinar’s topic. 

Moreover, you can ask for feedback by having someone listen to you practice. Hearing constructive criticisms are excellent in driving improvements and changes. 

7. Choose a reputable and reliable webinar platform. 

Last but not least is to entrust your webinar to a hosting platform that can cater to all your needs. The platform must give access to your webinars online for people seeking to expand their skill set while also having fun. Luckily for you, you need not look further because iConnectFX does all of these and a lot more. 

At iConnectFX, you can easily engage with communities to assist them in their quest for learning and enlightenment. You can even build relationships through your webinars and other interactive engagements. Visit iConnectFX and be a successful webinar host today.