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Vlogging Trends To Look Out For In 2021


A good video marketing strategy is through video vlogs or called vlogs. Vlogging is helpful for personal communication, especially by social media influencers. In fact, influencers became an effective medium in marketing due to their broad reach. Some people would want to speak instead, and that’s why they choose to make vlogs for content sharing. There are lot of vlogging trends that found its way as a staple in social media marketing. It all started when brands overpowered video sharing in 2021. There are many personal accounts that make use of vlogs for the same reason that they do blogs. 

Moreover, people didn’t know how businesses run and how they work during the scenes. But, vlogging has made it easier for creators to share their journey with the audience. With this, vloggers connect with the audience and make the whole journey real for them. The audience seems to have a genuine connection with the creators and is inclined to support each other. There are some video sharing from the category that is behind the brand and talks on google. Let’s take a look at some vlogging trends to look out for in 2021. 

Animated Explainer Videos

It is one of the most common marketing practices for cartoon, illustration, or whiteboard drawings. An example of this is Mr. Clean, the mascot owned by Procter & Gamble. In 1958, the mascot appeared on screen, which explained how animation overpowered brand image to the audience. Nowadays, there are many companies that use animated videos to promote their products. Not only is it engaging to watch, but it educates the audience for marketing purposes through their content.

More Live Video Streaming

more live video streaming

The real-time interaction brings an open great communication channel to your audience. You can ask them questions to get to know them better, and they can do the same. Moreover, they interact with each other, which creates a sense of community. It also drives more viewers to engage with your content in the hopes of reaching you. This trend became popular during coronavirus lockdown when people stay at home. It was the poster trend for the last two years where brands adapt it in various ways. However, its format has evolved that became accessible for brands. An example of this is a brand like Huda Beauty, making a live video interview about her products. 

360-Degree Video Experiences Will Be Desired

Say hello to 360-degree videos. It takes immersion to the next level, which puts consumers in the center of all the action. If you haven’t experienced this, you’re wondering how it works. The first thing to know is that 360° means everything is in the view of the camera and will be in the shot. This includes you, your crew, microphones, any lights, equipment, dirty footprints on the floor, and every crack on the ceiling. It is a perfect tool to use for your video sharing or content sharing for exciting video formats. May it be a virtual 360-degree on an entire island or an immersive tour of a museum, this trend of the video has a lot to offer. If you want to be on the competitive path, offer your customers a unique experience in 2021.

Shoppable Videos Will Make A Big Splash

Along those same lines, video-enabled shopping experiences are also taking off. Video creators have been promoting their merchandise through different social platforms. But what’s been missing is a seamless way to go from viewing the video straight through to product purchase. They are adding videos to their online business strategies, and one of them is shoppable videos. This attracts consumers and directs them to the product pages themselves. With the help of video sharing, the audience can see varieties of products while watching. It will open doors for brand engagements and improve business results. Today, people can click the product to direct them to the landing page without searching.

Longer Storytelling Will Rule Engagement

With video, you have the unique benefit of starting visuals that make viewers interested immediately. Digital Storytelling allows you to share a story that reinforces your trustworthiness videos. Find some vlogging trends that could catch the attention of your audience. When people can relate to your message, story, and values, they would want to support your brand. Today, it is a trend that showcases to people how the brand affects their daily lives. An example of this is Zendesk’s video that produces advertisements that bring short movies to usual people. Make sure viewers who watch with the sound feel captivated by using catchy text. 

Influencers Will Become Even More Popular Through Vlogging Trends

Nowadays, millennials are currently the largest audience who interacts with vloggers. Vloggers have only sprung onto the scene in the last few years. Before, personal vlogging is a trend. Today, popular influencers and big brands use it too to interact with their consumers. Most of them have already become successful in their early 20’s and have huge fanbases to boot. At the end of the day, vloggers are the persons who film from their bedrooms and make money from it. However, they are the ones who make the most interaction to share their expertise. 


These are the top 6 video marketing trends that you need to know in 2021. From simple video sharing in the past years to popular 360-degree videos. If you’re interested with other vlogging trends, these resources are your go-to solutions. Now that people are getting used to this new normal, it can help better access on how to approach your content sharing. It is your choice to invest in 2021 and watch your video sharing in digital marketing strategy.